What Is Alzheimer And How To Perform Alzheimer Care

alzheimer careWhat Is Alzheimer And How To Perform Alzheimer Care – Alzheimer’s disease (AD) or more commonly known as shortly Alzheimer is mostly suffered by aged people. This disease strikes people by changing the some functions of their brain. That said, the people with Alzheimer would possibly lose their ability to remember, think and perform some other cognitive activities that they usually do.

Yet, it does not say that everybody with Alzheimer will present identical signs of suffering. What they come up with depends on what stage they are in.

Staging in Alzheimer’s diseases (AD)

There are currently three main stages categorized in AD; mild, moderate and severe. Mild can also be called as early-stage while the severe AD sometimes called as late-stage AD. By understanding every stage of this Alzheimer, then you are expected to better comprehend about the right Alzheimer care you will have to provide for your loved one.

People with mild Alzheimer have usually lost some of their memory and experience a few changes in their personality. The people’s family must be the ones noticing the symptoms such as when their loved one starts repeating about a question over and over.

In moderate AD, the memory loss becomes more explicit, added with a sense of confusion about time and place. The person with moderate Alzheimer will also have more trouble in planning, organizing and following instruction. Even they may also find it hard to get dress or bathe by themselves. Incontinence, wandering, and personality changes become more obvious in this stage.

Lastly, in severe Alzheimer, those people with this stage of illness may have very small chance of life expectancy. They will need help almost in everything. In addition, talking and recognizing family members may no longer be possible anymore.

Performing The Right Care

In whatever stage of AD your loved one is in, you, as her/his family must not give up. You need to work hard of getting her/him the best care worth for their love to you. Consulting with doctor is much helpful and recommended, as they are the one knowing the exact situation endured by your loved one.

You can also learn from a number of references on the internet, books, or Alzheimer care center about what to do while taking care of your loved one with AD. Taking them to an Alzheimer care facility is good, but if you can perform the care yourselves, why not? Love and comfort are best served by the person’s own family.