3 Things You May Have Missed From Alzheimer’s Care

alzheimer's care3 things you may have missed from Alzheimer’s care – We should not debate about the exhaustion we endure while getting on an Alzheimer’s care for our loved one. We know for sure that every caregiver experience different patterns of treatment that may have given the caregivers different levels of difficulties. But remember, that all the things they do are worth our very appreciation.

However, try not to miss any significant issue from the care you have provided to a person with Alzheimer. That said, even if you feel like you have done a lot for him/her, it may not be sufficiently effective if you do these several things.

Not Arguing With Them

It is definitely important to be understood that arguing with a person with Alzheimer would give you nothing. You will never win. And it is certainly not wise trying to tackle an Alzheimer patient with words that would instead hurt him/her.

Hence, if you do have to give explanation about something to the person with Alzheimer, you need to use a calmer and more decent approach that will reduce the risk of hurting their feeling. You need to respect him/her, no matter in what situation s/he is in.

Not Telling Them They Are Wrong

If you are new to Alzheimer’s care, then you must train yourselves not to show off your ego. Conducting Alzheimer’s care would require you to be sensitive about the patient’s psychological turbulence, such as when s/he does something wrong. Even if the whole world knows that it is wrong, you cannot tell her/him that it is wrong.

Instead, you can try another different approach to correct their deeds. The point is, never try to embarrass them. You may not want to do it, but you may not realize it that what you say or do to the patient has made them feel about themselves.

Not Asking Them If They Remember Something

People with Alzheimer commonly suffer from dementia, which causes them to lose some part of their memory and endure cognitive problems. If you have understood this well, then you should know that confirming about what they remember is a bad idea.

In other words, avoid asking them with, “Do you remember what we bought yesterday?” and other similar questions. Instead, change your wonder to a statement, such as “I remember we bought a chocolate cake yesterday.” Your sensitivity is your main weapon while extending an Alzheimer’s care.